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There are actually two campuses in Umeå. Campus Umeå is the main campus and there you find us, the Umeå School of Business and Economics. Umeå Arts Campus is situated on the east side of town by the scenic banks of the Umeå River and is within short walking distance of Campus Umeå.

In the Social Science Building on Campus Umeå is the business school. All staff and administrative offices, as well as student services directly related to the business school – such as student advising and the student office – are located in this building. Also most of the lecture halls are here.

In Umeå city, everything is nearby, on- and off-campus. The School is less than two kilometers from the city centre, and seven bus lines connect to the School campus. All students who reside in student housing are located within a five to 15 minute walk from campus. Other facilities, such as the airport and the bus and train stations, can be reached in five to ten minutes by car, taxi, or bus from the School. Extensive bicycle paths throughout the city make cycling an easy and safe alternative.

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