Lunch seminar: Science shop for university-civil society collaboration

[2017-09-12] Hur kan vi utöka samarbetet mellan universiteten och civilsamhället för att skapa ett mer demokratiskt och hållbart samhälle?

You are welcome to a lunch seminar about science shops* as a platform for university-civil society collaboration. The seminar is organized by External Relations Office in collaboration with the Northern Network for Social Innovation Research.

Information and registration by 20/9 at this link.

When: Wednesday, 27/9, 10-13
Where: HUMlabX, Arts Campus


10.00-11.30 History, models and hands-on experiences with science shops, Michael Søgaard Jørgensen and Jens Dorland, Center for Design, Innovation and Sustainable Transition, Aalborg University
11.30-12.00 Sandwich and coffee break
12.00-13.00 Workshop: Science shop at Umeå University?

Please spread to your students and friends outside the university - there is an open event at Kulturhuset Klossen on 26/9 at 18-19.30, Facebook link.


Anna Sandström Emmelin, External Relations Office
Maxim Vlasov, Umeå School of Business and Economics
Aditya Pawar, Umeå Institute of Design

* Science shops are dedicated to solve problems. They provide independent, participatory scientific research support in response to concerns experienced by civil society.

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