RiseBs Maxim Vlasov took part in the project Mötesplats Stöcke

[2017-03-30] On Tuesday, The Research Institute for Sustainability and Ethics in Business, RiseB took part in an ongoing project Mötesplats Stöcke where Maxim Vlasov, doctoral student at Umeå School of Business and Economics, presented recent research and practical examples of social entrepreneurship for sustainable local development.

The project is a local development initiative in Stöcke, located south of Umeå, that aims to develop a social meeting place for different activities such as courses, cultural events, a local restaurant and sports co-created by local residents in collaboration with other actors. The process is supported by Infoga, a group of architects from Umeå Schools of Architecture, and the ambition is to develop a holistic plan that considers ecological, social and economic dimensions of the future meeting place.

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