USBE Alumni foundation scholarship 2018

[2018-06-04] Receiver of the 2018 USBE Alumni foundation scholarship is André Netzén Örn, student at the Master program in Economics and also aiming for a degree in Business Administration.

André has made astonishing achievement in raising the interest, and knowledge, for the financial markets among students at Umeå University and USBE. Through is roles at Unga Aktiesparare (association for young stock investors) and within HHUS he has made several achievements worth mentioning

  • Chairmen of the year within Unga Aktiesparare 2017
  • Umeås local Unga Aktiesparare department prized as no.1 in Sweden and has educated hundreds of students in managing private savings.
  • Responsible for HHUS finance trip to Stockholm 2017, raising the awareness of our students to the financial sector
  • Reputation among fellow students to generously share his knowledge and to inspire others

In order to qualify as a recipient of the scholarship, the student/-s should have worked to "promote development and quality in education and research at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics" and / or "promote the education and development of USBE students"

USBE Alumni foundation scholarship is handed out in cooperation with Swedbank and consists of a scholarship worth 10 000 SEK. The prize was handed out on our graduation ceremony 1st of June.

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