Sustainability Policy

Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics’s (USBE) mission is to create knowledge in interaction with stakeholders to develop responsible leaders with a sustainability orientation, by:

  • offering students and staff a learning environment of high quality that encourages independent thinking and proactive approaches on issues related to sustainable development,
  • offering an environment that enables conceptual and empirical research on sustainable development and sustainable value outcomes,
  • increasing the awareness of sustainable development through interaction with industry and community, including the challenges of sustainable responsibility.

In USBE’s work on sustainable development is also included to comply with laws and regulations and drive work in a continuous improvement process to prevent pollution, as well as to strive for a sustainable level when it comes to the use of energy and natural resources.

Sustainability Objective

USBE’s orientation towards sustainable development will be reflected in and reinforced by education, research and collaboration with stakeholders. The direct environmental impact will be on a sustainable level.

Detailed goals

  • USBE shall broaden the scope and clarify the progression of sustainable development in education.
  • USBE shall strengthen and clarify research and doctoral education on sustainable development.
  • USBE shall strengthen cooperation with stakeholders by increasing the number of collaborative activities on sustainable development.
  • USBE’s environmental impact from support operations will be on a sustainable level.

ISO14001 EMS

USBE has introduced a certified Environmental management System based on the ISO14001 standard to integrated sustainability in the core and support activities of the school.

PRME - Principles for Responsible Management Education

USBE is a PRME signatory – Principles for Responsible Management Education PRME, USBE has establish a process of continuous improvement of our programs in order to develop a new generation of business leaders capable of managing the complex challenges faced by business and society in the future.PRME


USBE is a part of the Global Business School Network, a network of more than 70 schools on 6 continents working for a sustianable development all over the world.Global Business School Network

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Suggestions for improvement

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