Umeå School of Business and Economics offers education at different levels.

Umeå School of Business and Economics (USBE) offers professional degree programs and programs on both the undergraduate and advanced level. The professional degree programs are four-year integrated undergraduate and master’s (advanced level) programs. The International Business Program, one of the professional degree programs, is given in English. The Business school offers seven different Master's Programs and all of them are given in English. We offer doctoral programs in Business, Economics, Econometrics and Statistics.

You can study single subject courses given in English at USBE and additionally at many other departments at Umeå University.

For our program students there are ample opportunities to spend one or two semesters abroad on exchange studies at one of our partner universities around the world. Some of our students also work in internships abroad. Cooperation with businesses, public organizations and the surrounding society as a whole is an important ingredient for the activities at USBE.
In many of the courses you will meet guest lecturers from the corporate community and in some courses you will work with real life cases.

Your guide to the extra-curricular activities is The Umeå School of Business and Economics student association, HHUS.

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