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Master's Programme in Marketing, 120 Credits

About the programme

This programme provides you with an in-depth understanding of the role of marketing in the overall corporate strategy, knowledge of consumer behavior and competitive analysis, and experience in making executive-level decisions. It is possible to study abroad for onesemester and many students chose to do internship. Sustainability and internationalization is an integral part of the educational environment. After the program you will be able to work with management in companies and organizations.

Level of education: Continuation programme
Degree: Degree of Master of Science (60 credits). Main field of study: Business Administration. Specialisation: Marketing
Degree of Master of Science (120 credits). Main field of study: Business Administration. Specialisation: Marketing

  Application and eligibility Programme syllabus


During the first year the main focus is on developing the knowledge in marketing through modules in strategy and strategic planning, consumer behavior and market analysis.

During the second semester you study elective courses and one option is a two months internship.

The third semester includes a compulsory methodological course and a course in recent trends in the field of Business. In addition to this you are given the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in one other area of the field of Business. This semester is also suitable for studying abroad.

The fourth semester you write a thesis.

When you follow one of our Master's programs you have the opportunity to do an internship in a company for ten weeks. This possibility exists only at a few Business Schools in the country. The internship gives you a good opportunity to put theoretical knowledge in Business into practice. As a student you will arrange your internship yourself. This way, you can find an internship that meets your expectations.

Read more about internship.

Studies Abroad
There are plenty of opportunities for you to study one semester abroad within the program. The Business School offers you the opportunity to study abroad at some 60 universities, mainly in Europe but also in Brazil, Costa Rica,

Canada, China, Russia and South Africa. As a master student you can also apply to Umeå University's agreement to non-European countries such as USA, Australia, Canada.

Read more about studies abroad.

Corporate Connections
The Business School collaborates in many different ways with companies and organizations. As a student, you might perhaps do an internship at one of our corporate partners. Professionals outside the university come to us as guest lecturer and teachers. Our researchers will in turn contribute new knowledge to society. A group of advisors consisting of corporate / community representatives are also linked to the Business School and they contribute with their knowledge and experience.

Programme overview
Semester 1
Consumer Behavior, Market Analysis and Strategic Decision Making 30 cr.

Semester 2
Alternative A. Elective courses 30 cr. Alternative B. Elective courses 15 cr. and Master's thesis 1st year 15 cr.

Semester 3
Current trends and a minor in Accounting/Finance/Management/Business Development 30 cr.

Semester 4
Alternative A. Master's thesis 2nd year 30 cr. Alternativ B. Elective course 15 cr. and Master's thesis 2nd year 15 cr.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the programme will be suitable for a career in the area of marketing both as generalists and as specialists. They will be able to plan, implement and evaluate both strategic and operational marketing decisions. The program's international character also provides good opportunities for a career abroad. The program gives you eligibility to apply for PhD positions.

Application and eligibility

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