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USBE is one of the leading Swedish providers of business education! This webpage is targeted for potential students from Russian-speaking countries.  Here you’ll find out reasons why our current students considered USBE to be a perfect fit to acquire quality education. You will also find detailed information about  the process of application for studies, scholarships and useful links to study in Sweden.

USBE has more than 2000 registered students annually. The school offers seven master’s programs, four graduate programs, one undergraduate program and a number of courses. Usually students arriving from Russian-speaking countries perceive Master’s programs, as they are taught in the English language, and are optional for one year or two years, depending which you prefer.

Master’s Program in AccountingMaster’s Program in FinanceMaster’s Program in Business Development and InternationalizationMaster’s Program in ManagementMaster’s Program in MarketingMaster’s Program in EconomicsMaster’s Program in Strategic Project Management (one and a half years with no optional exit after one year )

You could also choose the International Business Program, which is taught in English too. It’s designed for four years and lead to a Bachelor of Science Degree after three years with an additional one year Master of Science Degree after the 4th year at the program .

If you choose one of our Master’s programs for two years or the International Business Program program, during your studies you will be offered the opportunity to go as an exchange student to one of USBEs numerous partner universities all over the world.

Reasons to study at USBE

Below are some of the reasons why you should chose USBE.

One of Swedens six oldest universities

Safe and secure location in Umeå with the lowest crime rate in Sweden. The city was also the European capital of culture for 2014.

 If you apply for one of our Master´s programs  as your first option you have a good chance for receiving a scholarship

We have around 5 scholarships to offer to applicants from outside of EU/EES depending on number of applicants every year. Since the total number of seats on our Master programs are limited to around 60 persons, (of which many are tuition fee free students from countries within EU/EES), this will give you a fairly good chance of receiving one.

The coming two years we will also have a 7 extra scholarships/year through support by a sponsor. 

Seven programs taught in English with the emphasis on practical education.

Partnership with world known companies and a variety of universities around the world.

Access to one of the largest sport facilities in northern Europe (IKSU).

International milieu. More than 40 nationalities are represented among students and staff.

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