Welcoming letter for admitted students autumn 2017


A link to welcome information for newly admitted stundents can be found on the program website under the heading "Admitted to the programme":

International Business ProgramMaster's Program in AccountingMaster's Program in FinanceMaster's Program in Business Development and InternationalisationMaster's Program in ManagementMaster's Program in MarketingMaster's Program in EconomicsMSPME edition 10


Welcoming letter - Incoming exchange students

Welcome information for students that will study program courses autumn 2017:

Welcoming letter - Program courses in Business AdministrationWelcoming letter - Program courses in Economics

Welcome information for students in other courses can be found on the course webpage on the education website in the section "Admitted to the course":

Courses in Business AdministrationCourses in EconomicsCourses in Statistics

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