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Umeå Economic Studies


No. 957: Aronsson, Thomas and Blomquist, Sören: Uncertain Length of Life, Retirement Age, and Optimal Pension Design


No. 955: Aronsson, Thomas, Jenderny, Katharina and Lanot, Gauthier: The quality of the estimators of the ETI

No. 954: Machava, Agostinho: The Macroeconomic Determinants of the Pass-Through from the Market Interest Rate to the Bank Lending Rate in Mozambique

No. 953: Aronsson, Thomas and Micheletto, Luca: Optimal Redistributive Income Taxation and Efficiency Wages

No. 952: Granlund, David and Bergman, Mats A.: Price competition in pharmaceuticals – evidence from 1303 Swedish markets

No. 951: Lanot, Gauthier and Vesterberg, Mattias: An empirical model of the decision to switch between electricity price contracts

No. 950: Aronsson, Thomas and Sjögren, Tomas: Optimal Taxation, Redistribution, and Environmental Externalities

No. 949: Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf: Stochastic Differential Equations and Stochastic Optimal Control for Economists: Learning by Exercising

No. 948: Lundström, Christian: On the Returns of Trend-Following Trading Strategies

No. 947: Sjögren, Tomas: Capital Taxation in a Fiscal Union – Implications of Simultaneous Horizontal and Decentralized Leadership

No. 946: Sjögren, Tomas: Can a Marginally Distorted Labor Market Improve Capital Accumulation, Output and Welfare?

No. 945: Aronsson, Thomas and Johansson-Stenman, Olof: Paternalism against Veblen: Optimal Taxation and Non-Respected Preferences for Social Comparisons

No. 944: Aronsson, Thomas and Schöb, Ronnie: Habit Formation and the Pareto-Efficient Provision of Public Goods

No. 943: Granlund, David, Indén, Tobias, Lundberg, Johan, Lundberg, Sofia and Wikström, Magnus: Det offentliga som konkurrent på kommersiella marknader - En samhällsekonomisk analys med exemplet konferensmarknaden

No. 942: Vesterberg, Mattias: Power to the people: Electricity demand and household behavior

No. 941: Vesterberg, Mattias: The effect of price on electricity contract choice

No. 940: Vesterberg, Mattias: Heterogeneity in price responsiveness of electricity: Contract choice and the role of media coverage


No. 939: Aronsson, Thomas and Johansson-Stenman, Olof: Inequality Aversion and Marginal Income Taxation

No. 938: Sjögren, Tomas: Consumption Norms with Endogenous Norm Beliefs – Implications for Welfare, Commodity Taxation and Income Redistribution

No. 935: Raattamaa, Tomas: Essays on Delegated Search and Temporary Work Agencies

No. 934: Sjögren, Tomas: Age Dependent Discount Rates, Time Inconsistent Behavior and Welfare Measurement

No. 933: Aronsson, Thomas, Johansson-Stenman, Olof and Sjögren, Tomas: Social Comparisons and Optimal Taxation in a Small Open Economy

No. 932: Heidrich, Stefanie: Essays on Intergenerational Income Mobility, Geographical Mobility, and Education

No. 931: Sundström, David: On Specification and Inference in the Econometrics of Public Procurement

No. 930: Heidrich, Stefanie: A study of the Missing Data Problem for Intergenerational Mobility using Simulations

No. 929: Heidrich, Stefanie: The Effect of Moving during Childhood on Long Run Income: Evidence from Swedish Register Data

No. 928: Sundström, David: A Comparison of Techniques to Evaluate Policies in Public Procurement

No. 927: Eriksson, Mathilda: The Role of the Forest in Climate Policy

No. 926: Liu, Yuna: Essays on Stock Market Integration - On Stock Market Efficiency, Price Jumps and Stock Market Correlations

No. 925: Liu, Yuna: Stock exchange integration and price jump risks - The case of the OMX Nordic exchange mergers

No. 924: Liu, Yuna: Trust and stock market correlation: a cross-country analysis

No. 923: Hellström, Jörgen, Liu, Yuna and Sjögren, Tomas: Stock exchange mergers and weak-form information efficiency: Evidence from the OMX Nordic and Baltic consolidation

No. 922: Lanot, Gauthier: The Marginal Rate of Substitution and the Specification of Labour Supply Models

No. 921: Bergman, Mats A., Granlund, David and Rudhol, Niklas: Squeezing the last drop out of your suppliers: an empirical study of market-based purchasing policies for generic pharmaceuticals

No. 920: Sundström, David: The Competition Effect in a Public Procurement Model: An error-in-variables approach

No. 919: Aronsson, Thomas, Johansson-Stenman, Olof and Wendner, Ronald: Redistribution through Charity and Optimal Taxation when People are Concerned with Social Status


No. 918: Machava, Agostinho and Brännäs, Kurt: Mozambican Monetary Policy and the Yield Curve of Treasury Bills - An Empirical Study

No. 917: Bergman, Mats A., Lundberg, Johan, Lundberg, Sofia and Stake, Johan Y.: Using spatial econometrics to test for collusive behavior in procurement auction data

No. 916: Heidrich, Stefanie: Intergenerational Mobility in Sweden:
a Regional Perspective

No. 915: Strömbäck, Elon: Policy by Public Procurement: Opportunities and Pitfalls

No. 914: Strömbäck, Elon: Contract Size and Small Firm Competition in Public Procurement

No. 913: Strömbäck, Elon: The Role of Buyer Power in Public Procurement Auctions: An Empirical Analysis

No. 912: Lundberg, Sofia, Marklund, Per-Olov, Strömbäck, Elon and Sundström, David: Using public procurement to implement environmental
policy: an empirical analysis

No. 911: Lundberg, Sofia, Marklund, Per-Olov and Strömbäck, Elon: Is Environmental Policy by Public Procurement Effective?

No. 910: Vesterberg, Mattias, Kiran B. Krishnamurthy, Chandra and Bayrak , Oben: Determinants of Residential end-use electricity demand: Evidence from Sweden

No. 909: Brännäs, Kurt and Machava, Agostinho: Time Series Modelling of Daily Metical/Rand Exchange Rate Returns, 1996-2014

No. 908: Zetterdahl, Emma: Take a Risk - Social Interaction, Gender Identity, and the Role of Family Ties in Financial Decision-Making

No. 907: Zetterdahl, Emma: Scenes from a Marriage: Divorce and Financial Behavior

No. 906: Lanot, Gauthier and Sousounis, Panos: The Minimum Wage and a Non-Competitive Market for Qualifications

No. 905: Zetterdahl, Emma and Hellström, Jörgen: Ladies and Gentlemen: Gender Identity and Financial Risk-Taking

No. 904: Zetterdahl, Emma and Hellström, Jörgen: Who’s listening? Heterogeneous Impact of Social Interaction on Individuals’ Stock Market Participation


No. 903: Vesterberg, Mattias and Kiran B. Krishnamurthy, Chandra: Residential End use electricity demand and the implications for real time pricing in Sweden

No. 902: Aronsson, Thomas and Schöb, Ronnie: Adaptation, Taxation, and Public Goods

No. 901: Aronsson, Thomas and and Johansson-Stenman, Olof: Paternalism against Veblen: Optimal Taxation and Non-Respected Preferences for Social Comparisons

No. 900: Aronsson, Thomas and and Johansson-Stenman, Olof: Genuine Saving and Conspicuous Consumption

No. 899: Sundström, David: It’s All in the Interval - An imperfect measurements approach to estimate bidders’ primitives in auctions

No. 898: Aronsson, Thomas and Granlund, David: Federal Governments Should Subsidize State Expenditure that Voters do not Consider when Voting

No. 897: Westéus, Morgan: Essays on Temporary Work Agencies and the Economic Analysis of Law

No. 896: Westéus, Morgan and Raattamaa, Tomas: The Misaligned Incentives of Temporary Work Agencies and their Client Firms

No. 895: Bergman, Mats A. and Lundberg, Sofia: TENDERING DESIGN WHEN PRICE AND QUALITY IS UNCERTAIN - Theory and Evidence from public procurement

No. 894: Brockwell, Erik: State and Industrial Actions to Influence Consumer Behavior

No. 893: Hakobyan, Lilit: Essays on Growth and Political Transition

No. 892: Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf: A Brief History of Envelope Theorems in Economics: Static and Dynamic

No. 891: Aronsson, Thomas, Heidrich, Stefanie and Wikström, Magnus: Social Identity, Education and Tax Policy

No. 890: Aronsson, Thomas and Mannberg, Andrea: Positional Preferences for Housing: Income Taxation as a Second-Best Policy?

No. 889: Löfström, Åsa: Time for Men to Catch up on Women? A Study of the Swedish Gender Wage Gap 1973-2012

No. 888: Westéus, Morgan and Lindgren, Urban: Young Adults in the Swedish Temporary Agency Sector: Implications of Family Experience

No.. 887: Westéus, Morgan: Employment Effects of the EU Temporary and Agency Workers Directive in Sweden

No. 886: Aronsson, Thomas and and Johansson-Stenman, Olof: Publicly Provided Private Goods and Optimal Taxation when Consumers Have Positional Preferences

No. 885: Aronsson, Thomas and Schöb, Ronnie: Climate Change and Psychological Adaptation:A Behavioral Environmental Economics Approach

No. 884: Lundström, Christian: Money management with optimal stopping of losses for maximizing the returns of futures trading

No. 883: Brännäs, Kurt: Adaptations of Conventional Spatial Econometric Models to Count Data

No. 882: Tano, Sofia: Migration and Regional Sorting of Skills

No. 881: Tano, Sofia, Westerlund, Olle, Nakosteen, Robert and Zimmer, Michael: Back to the Future: Migration, Matching and the Power Couple Phenomenon in Sweden

No. 880: Tano, Sofia: Internal Migration of Young Adults – Heterogeneity in Effects on Labour Income by School Grades

No. 879: Tano, Sofia: Regional Clustering of Human Capital - School Grades and Migration of University Graduates

No. 878: Berck, Peter, Tano, Sofia and Westerlund, Olle: Regional Sorting of Human Capital – the Choice of Location among Young Adults in Sweden

No. 877: Lanot, Gauthier and Sousounis, Panos: The Rate Of Substitution Between Low Pay Workers and The National Minimum Wage

No. 876: Lanot, Gauthier and Leece, David: Mortgage Loan Characteristics , Unobserved Heterogeneity and the Performance of United Kingdom Securitised Sub-Prime Loans

No. 875: Cialani, Catia: Essays on Growth and Environment

No. 874: Wikström, Magnus and Wikström, Christina: Who benefits from university admissions tests? - A comparison between grades and test scores as selection instruments to higher education

No. 873: Hakobyan, Lilit: Economic Stagnation and Stable Growth: The Persistence and Survival of Growth Regimes under Political Transitions

No. 872: Hakobyan, Lilit: Income Inequality, Competitiveness of Political Systems and the Distance to the Efficient Frontier of Economic Growth

No. 871: Hakobyan, Lilit: Political Transition, Economic Growth and Reoccurring Crisis in Countries with and without Experience of Military Dictatorship


No. 870: Brännäs, Kurt: Simultaneity in the Multivariate Count Data Autoregressive Model

No. 869: Landström, Mats: Determinants and Effects of Central Bank Independence Reforms

No. 868: Landström, Mats: Central Bank Independence and the Price-Output-Variability Trade-off

No. 867: Granlund, David and Wikström, Magnus: Public provision and cross-border health care

No. 866: Gyllenram, André, Hanes, Niklas and Hellström, Jörgen: The Influence of Non-Cognitive and Cognitive Ability on Individuals’ Stock Market Participation

No. 865: Hellström, Jörgen, Zetterdahl, Emma and Hanes, Niklas: Loved Ones Matter: Family Effects and Stock Market Participation

No. 864: Karimu, Amin: Essays on Energy Demand and Household Energy Choice

No. 863: Daunfeldt, Sven-Olov, Landström, Mats and Rudholm, Niklas: Are Central Bank Independence Reforms Necessary for Achieving Low and Stable Inflation?

No. 862: Aronsson, Thomas and Johansson-Stenman, Olof: Keeping up with the Joneses, the Smiths and the Tanakas: Optimal Taxation with Social Comparisons in a Multi-Country Economy

No. 861: Lundström, Christian: Day trading returns across volatility states

No. 860: Brännäs, Kurt: The Number of Traded Shares: A Time Series Modelling Approach

No. 859: Sjögren, Tomas: Tax Policy in an Economic Federation With Proportional Membership Fees

No. 858: Martinez, Diego and Sjögren, Tomas: Can Labor Market Imperfections Cause Overprovision of Public Inputs?

No. 857: Aronsson, Thomas and Granlund, David: Gender Norms, Work Hours, and Corrective Taxation

No. 856: Aronsson, Thomas and Mannberg, Andrea: Self-Control Problems and Conspicuous Housing Consumption: Implications for Tax Policy

No. 855: Brännäs, Kurt: The Number of Shareholders - Time Series Modelling and Some Empirical Results


No 853: Granlund, David: The effect of pharmacies’ right to negotiate discounts on the market share of parallel imported pharmaceuticals

No 852: Lundgren, Jens: Market Liberalization and Market Integration - Essays on the Nordic Electricity Market

No 851: Löfström, Åsa: Könslönegap och glastak - En studie av kvinnor och män i ekonomyrket

No 850: Aronsson, Thomas, Micheletto, Luca and Sjögren, Tomas: Public Goods in a Voluntary Federal Union: Implications of a Participation Constraint

No 849: Lönnbark, Carl: Asymmetry with respect to the memory in stock market volatilities

No 848: Lönnbark, Carl: Occurrence of long and short term asymmetry in stock market volatilities

No 847: Lundberg, Sofia and Marklund, Per-Olov: Green Public Procurement as an Environmental Policy Instrument: Cost Effectiveness

No 846: Bergman, Mats A, Lundberg, Sofia and Spagnolo, Giancarlo: Public Procurement and Non-contractible Quality: Evidence from Elderly Care

No 845: Holmberg, Ulf, Lönnbark, Carl and Lundström, Christian: Assessing the profitability of intraday opening range breakout strategies

No 844: Lönnbark, Carl: On the role of the estimation error in prediction of expected shortfall

No 843: Aronsson, Thomas and Johansson-Stenman, Olof: When Samuelson Met Veblen Abroad: National and Global Public Good Provision when Social Comparisons Matter

No 842: Aronsson, Thomas and Schöb, Ronnie: Adaptation, Anticipation-Bias and Optimal Income Taxation

No 841: Brännäs, Kurt: The Asymmetric Count Data Moving Average Model

No 840: Holmberg, Ulf: Essays on Credit Markets and Banking

No 839: Aronsson, Thomas and Persson, Lars: Decentralized Fiscal Federalism Revisited: Optimal Income Taxation and Public Goods under Horizontal Leadership

No 838: Holmberg, Ulf, Sjögren, Tomas and Hellström, Jörgen: {C}{C}{C}{C}Comparing Centralized and Decentralized Banking: A Study of the Risk-Return Profiles of Banks

No 837: Holmberg, Ulf: Error Corrected Disequilibrium

No 836: Holmberg, Ulf: The Credit Market and the Determinants of Credit
Crunches: An Agent Based Modeling Approach


No 835: Lundberg, Johan: Does academic research affect the local growth pattern?
Empirical evidence based on Swedish data

No 834: Wikström, Magnus and Wikström, Christina: University education and income – does prior achievement matter?

No 833: Aronsson, Thomas and Sjögren, Tomas: Tax Policy and Present-Biased Preferences: Paternalism under International Capital Mobility

No 832: Lundberg, Johan: On the de…nition of W in empirical models of yardstick competition

No 831: Granlund, David and Yesim Köksal, Miyase: EU Enlargement, Parallel Trade and Price Competition in Pharmaceuticals - What’s to Blame? Derogation or Perception?

No 830: Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf: On Envelope Theorems in Economics: Inspired by a Revival of a Forgotten Lecture

No. 829: Aronsson, Thomas and Wikström, Magnus : Optimal Tax Progression:
Does it Matter if Wage Bargaining is Centralized or Decentralized?

No. 828: Aronsson, Thomas and Johansson-Stenman, Olof : State-Variable Public Goods When Relative Consumption Matters: A Dynamic Optimal Taxation Approach

No. 827: Hellström, Jörgen and Lönnbark, Carl : Identi…cation of jumps in fi…nancial price series

No. 826: Aronsson, Thomas, Cialani, Catia and Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf : Genuine Saving and the Social Cost of Taxation

No. 825: Lunander, Anders and Lundberg, Sofia : Do Combinatorial Procurement Auctions Lower Cost? - An Empirical Analysis of Public Procurement of Multiple Contracts

No 824: Granlund, David and Köksal, Miyase Yesim  : Parallel Imports and Mandatory Substitution Reform - A Kick or A Muff for Price Competition in Pharmaceuticals?

No 823: Stenberg, Anders, de Luna, Xavier and Westerlund, Olle : Does Formal Education for Older Workers Increase Earnings? – Analyzing Annual Data Stretching over 25 Years

No 822: Holmberg, Ulf: Banking and the Determinants of Credit Crunches

No 821: Bergman, Mats and Lundberg, Sofia: Tender Evaluation and Award Methodologies in Public Procurement

No 820: Soultanaeva, Albina: Back on the Map - Essays on Financial Markets in the Baltic States


No 819: Eliasson, Kent, Hansson, Pär and Lindvert, Markus: Jobs and Exposure to International Trade within the Service Sector in Sweden

No 818: Aronsson, Thomas and Blomquist, Sören: The Standard Deviation of Life-Length, Retirement Incentives, and Optimal Pension Design

No 817: Soultanaeva, Albina: Financial Intermediation and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Baltic countries

No 816: Hellström, Jörgen and Soultanaeva, Albina: The Impact of Stock Market Jumps on Time-Varying Return Correlations: Empirical Evidence from the Baltic

No 815: Sörensson, Robert: Marshallian Sources of Growth and Interdependent Location of Swedish Firms and Households

No 814: Andrén, Daniela and Granlund, David: "Waiting for the other shoe to drop": waiting for health care and duration of sick leave

No 813: Aronsson, Thomas and Granlund, David: Present-Biased Preferences and Publicly Provided Health Care

No 812: Aronsson, Thomas and Johansson-Stenman, Olof: Veblen’s Theory of the Leisure Class Revisited: Implications for Optimal Income Taxation

No 811: Aronsson, Thomas and Granlund, David: Public Goods and Optimal Paternalism under Present-Biased Preferences

No 810: Andersson, Camilla: Changing the Risk at the Margin Smallholder Farming and Public Policy in Developing Countries

No 809: Andersson, Camilla: Counterproductive counternarcotic strategies? A study of the effects of opium eradication in the presence of imperfect capital markets and sharecropping arrangement

No 808: Aronsson, Thomas and Koskela, Erkki: Redistributive Income Taxation, Outsourcing and Foreign Direct Investment

No 807: Andersson, Camilla: Can a Social Safety Net Affect Farmers’ Crop Portfolios? A Study of the Productive Safety Net Programme in Ethiopia

No 806: Mannberg, Andréa : Risk and Rationality - Effects of contextual risk and cognitive dissonance on (sexual) incentives

No 805: Sjögren, Tomas and Mannberg, Andréa : Conflicting Identities and Social Pressure - Effects on the long-run evolution of female labor supply

No 804: Bezabih, Mintewab, Mannberg, Andréa and Visser, Martine : Sexual Risk Taking among Young Adults in Cape Town - Effects of Expected Health and Income

No 803: Mannberg, Andréa : Risk and Rationalization – The role of affect and cognitive dissonance for sexual risk taking

No 802: Brännlund, Runar and Persson, Lars : Tax or no tax? Preferences for climate policy attributes

No 801: Lundberg, Johan and Lundberg, Sofia : Retailer Choice and Loyalty Schemes - Evidence from Sweden



No 799: Aronsson, Thomas and Koskela, Erkki : Outsourcing, Public Input Provision and Policy Cooperation

No 798: Birkelöf, Lena : Spatial Interaction and Local Government Expenditures for Functionally Impaired in Sweden

No 797: Birkelöf, Lena : Do Local Public Expenditures on Functionally Impaired Crowd Out Other Local Public Expenditures?

No 796: Birkelöf, Lena : Intergovernmental Grants and Local Public Expenditure: Spending Decisions and Information Spillover Effects

No 795: Åström, Johanna, Nakosteen, Robert A.,Westerlund, Olle and Zimmer, Michael A. : Twice Chosen: Spouse Matching and Earnings Among Women in First and Second Marriages

No 794: Bostedt, Göran, Brännlund, Runar and Geijer, Erik : Damned if you do, Damned if you don't – Reduced Climate Impact vs. Sustainable Forests in Sweden

No 793: Eliasson, Kent, Hansson, Pär and Lindvert, Markus : Do Firms Learn by Exporting or Learn to Export? Evidence from Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Swedish Manufacturing

No 792: Landström, Mats : Two Essays on Central Bank Independence Reforms

No 791: Landström, Mats : Do Central Bank Independence Reforms Matter for Inflation Performance?

No 790: Åström, Johanna : Marriage, Money and Migration

No 789: Åström, Johanna : The Effects of Assortative Mating on Earnings: Human Capital Spillover or Specialization?

No 788: Åström, Johanna : The Effects of Spousal Education on Individual Earnings – A Study of Married Swedish Couples

No 787: Åström, Johanna and Westerlund, Olle : Sex and Migration: Who is the Tied Mover?

No 786: Granlund, David : Electoral accountability in a country with two-tiered government

No 785: Sjögren, Tomas : Optimal Taxation and Environmental Policy in a Decentralized Economic Federation with Environmental and Labor Market Externalities

No 784: Aronsson, Thomas and Koskela, Erkki : Optimal Income Taxation, Outsourcing and Policy Cooperation in a Dynamic Economy

No 783: Holmlund, Linda : Essays on Child Care and Higher Education

No 782: Holmlund, Linda and Regnér, Håkan : Earnings Differences Between Transfer and Non-transfer Students

No 781: Holmlund, Linda : The Effect of College Quality on Earnings Evidence from Sweden

No. 780: Hanes, Niklas, Holmlund, Linda and Wikström, Magnus : Assessing the Effects of the Child-Care Fee Reform on Public Expenditures and Taxation

No. 779: Li, Chuan-Zhong and Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf : Genuine Saving under Stochastic Growth

No. 778: Aronsson, Thomas and Sjögren, Tomas : Quasi-Hyperbolic Discounting and Mixed Taxation

No. 777: Granlund, David : Price and welfare effects of a pharmaceutical substitution reform

No. 776: Lunander, Anders and Lundberg, Sofia : An Empirical Analysis of Package Bids and Stand-Alone Bids in Combinatorial Procurement Auctions

No. 775: Brännlund, Runar, Lundberg, Sofia and Marklund, Per-Olov : Assessment of Green Public Procurement as a Policy Tool: Cost-efficiency and Competition Considerations

No. 774: Aronsson, Thomas and Johansson-Stenman, Olof : Conspicuous Leisure: Optimal Income Taxation when both Relative Consumption and Relative Leisure Matter

No. 773: Aronsson, Thomas : Welfare Measurement and Public Goods in a Second Best Economy

No. 772: Norin, Anna : Worker Safety and Market Dynamics

No. 771: Norin, Anna : Workplace Safety: Estimating Workers' Marginal Willingness to Pay

No. 770: Lönnbark, Carl : On risk prediction

No. 769: Lönnbark, Carl, Holmberg, Ulf and Brännäs, Kurt : Value at Risk for Large Portfolios

No. 768: Lönnbark, Carl : Uncertainty of Multiple Period Risk Measures

No. 767: Cole, Scott and Brännlund, Runar : Climate Policy Measures: What do people prefer ?

No. 766: Brännlund, Runar and Lundgren, Tommy : Environmental policy without costs? A review of the Porter hypothesis

No. 765: Mannberg, Andrea : Risky Sex in a Risky World: Sexual behavior in a HIV/AIDS environment

No. 764: Peichen, Gong and Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf : Did Pressler Understand how to Use the Indicator Per Cent

No. 763: Hanes, Niklas, Wikström, Magnus and Wångmar, Erik : Municipal preferences for state imposed amalgamations: An empirical study based on the 1952 municipal reform in Sweden


No. 762: Sahlén, Linda : Essays on Environmental and Development Economics - Public Policy, Resource Prices and Global Warming

No. 761: Lönnbark, Carl and Soultanaeva, Albina : Profitability of Technical Trading Rules on the Baltic Stock Markets

No. 760: Hanes, Niklas, Norlin, Erik and Sjöström, Magnus : Civil Returns of Military Training: A Study of Young Men in Sweden

No. 759: Aronsson, Thomas and Koskela, Erkki : Optimal Redistributive Taxation and Provision of Public Input Goods in an Economy with Outsourcing and Unemployment

No. 758: Sahlén, Linda : The Impacts of Food- and Oil Price Shocks on the Namibian Economy: the Role of Water Scarcity

No. 757: Sahlén, Linda : Environmental Fiscal Reform in Namibia ? a potential approach to reduce poverty?

No. 756: de Luna, Xavier, Stenberg, Anders and Westerlund, Olle : Can Adult Education Delay Retirement from the Labour Market?

No. 755: Persson, Lars : Environmental Policy and Transboundary Externalities - Coordination and Commitment in Open Economies

No. 754: Aronsson, Thomas, Persson, Lars and Sjögren, Tomas : Does Wage Bargaining Justify Environmental Policy Coordination?

No. 753: Persson, Lars : Environmental Policy, Decentralized Leadership and Horizontal Commitment Power

No. 752: Li, Chuan-Zhong and Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf : A note on the theory of investment: Hotelling's rule under process independence Published

No. 751: Granlund, D, Chuc, NT, Phuc, HD and Lindholm, L : Inequality in mortality in Vietnam: unravel the causes

No. 750: Brännlund, Runar and Lundgren, Tommy : Environmental policy and profitability - Evidence from Swedish industry

No. 749: Backlund, Kenneth, Sjögren, Tomas and Stage, Jesper : Optimal Tax and Expenditure Policy in the Presence of Migration - Are Credit Restrictions Important?

No. 748: Birkelöf, Lena : Exploring Differences in Expenditure for the Functionally Impaired: Neighborhood Interaction and the Federal Structure

No. 747: Aronsson, Thomas, Persson, Lars and Sjögren, Tomas : Mixed Taxation, Public Goods and Transboundary Externalities: A Model with Large Jurisdictions

No. 746: Holmlund, Linda : Does the Father Matter for the Time Children Spend in Child Care?

No. 745: Humavindu, Michael N : Essays on the Namibian Economy

No. 744: Humavindu, Michael N : Estimating national economic parameters for Namibia

No. 743: Wikström, Magnus : Hur kan staten påverka utbudet av arbetskraft?

No. 742: Granlund, David and Rudholm, Niklas : The prescribing physician's influence on consumer choice between medically equivalent pharmaceuticals

No. 741: Hanes, Niklas and Norlin, Erik : Psychological Traits and Earnings Differences Among Men: A Study of Second - Generation Immigrants in Sweden

No. 740: Aronsson, Thomas and Johansson-Stenman, Olof : Positional Concerns with Multiple Reference Points: Optimal Income Taxation and Public Goods in an OLG Model

No. 739: Thunström, Linda : Food Consumption, Paternalism and Economic Policy

No. 738: Thunström, Linda : Preference Heterogeneity and Habit Persistence: The Case of Breakfast Cereal Consumption

No. 737: Aronsson, Thomas and Koskela, Erkki : Outsourcing and Optimal Nonlinear Taxation: A Note

No. 736: Brännlund, Runar, Kriström, Bengt, Lundgren, Tommy and Marklund, Per-Olov : The Economics of Biofuels Published

No. 735: Soultanaeva, Albina : Impact of Political News on the Baltic State Stock Markets

No. 734: Lönnbark, Carl : A Corrected Value-at-Risk Predictor

No. 733: Daunfeldt, Sven-Olov, Hellström, Jörgen and Landström, Mats : Why Do Politicians Implement Central Bank Independence Reforms?

No. 732: Aronsson, Thomas, Sjögren, Tomas and Witterblad, Mikael : Optimal Taxation and Asymmetric Information in an Economy with Second-Hand Trade

No. 731: Witterblad, Mikael : Essays on Redistribution and Local Public Expenditures

No. 730: Witterblad, Mikael : The Demand for Local Public Services in Sweden

No. 729: Granlund, David : Does physicians' compensation affect the probability of their vetoing generic substitution?

No. 728: Brännlund, Runar : Productivity and environmental regulations - A long run analysis of the Swedish industry

No. 727: Li, Chuan Zhong and Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf : Dynamic cost-benefit analysis of large projects: The role of capital and investment costs


No. 726: Aronsson, Thomas and Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf : Welfare Theory: History and Modern Results

No. 725: Brännäs, Kurt, De Gooijer, Jan G, Lönnbark, Carl and Soultanaeva, Albina : Simultaneity and Asymmetry of Returns and Volatilities in the Emerging Baltic State Stock Exchanges

No. 724: Thunström, Linda : The Marginal Willingness-to-Pay for Health Related Food Characteristics

No. 723: Broberg, Thomas : Examining the income-effect in contingent valuation - The importance of making the right choices

No. 722: Persson, Lars : Environmental policy negotiations, transboundary pollution and lobby groups in small open economies

No. 721: Jonsson, Thomas : Market Power Effects of Supply Control and Dairy Market Deregulation

No. 720: Broberg, Thomas : The Value of Preserving Nature - Preference Uncertainty and Distributional Effects

No. 719: Jonsson, Thomas : Essays on Agricultural and Environmental Policy

No. 718: Witterblad, Mikael : Income Heterogeneity and the Flypaper Effect

No. 717: Nordström, Jonas and Thunström, Linda : The Impact of Tax Reforms Designed to Encourage a Healthier Grain Consumption

No. 716: Nilsson, William : Earnings Mobility and Origin Dependence: What can twins say together with nonparametric econometrics?

No. 715: Aronsson, Thomas : General Income Taxation, Public Goods and Decentralized Leadership

No. 714: Broberg, Thomas and Brännlund, Runar : A new approach for analyzing multiple bounded WTP data - Certainty dependent payment card intervals

No. 713: Jonsson, Thomas : Collective Action and Common Agricultural Policy Lobbying: Evidence of Euro-Group Influence, 1986-2003

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No. 685: Nilsson, William: Marital Status and Unobserved Heterogeneity - Do twins suggest a genetic inheritance?

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Evidence from Swedish household data

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Regional differences concidered

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No. 541: Rudholm, Niklas: Entry and the Number of Firms in the Swedish Pharmaceuticals Market

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No. 519: Xavier de Luna: Prediction Inference for Time Series


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- 1995

No. 381: Brännäs, Kurt: Explanatory Variables in the AR(1) Count Data

No. 335: Brännäs, Kurt: Estimation and Testing in Integer-Valued AR(1) Models

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