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Umeå universitet
SE-901 87 Umeå


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Research interests and projects:

Theory and method: Psychometrics, Test equating.  Functional data analysis in psychometrics,  and International large-scale achievement studies.

Fields of application: Educational measurement, Behavioral sciences, International achievement assessments.


Editorial boards, academy membership and awards

  • Associate editor for Journal of Educational Measurement (2015-2016) and on the editorial board for the International Journal of Testing
  • Coordinating editor of Behaviormetrika
  • Co-editor of the proceedings of the annual meeting of the Psychometric Society.
  • Active member of the young academy of Sweden (until 2018).
  • Young researcher  career Award 2008
  • Royal Skyttean prize for young researchers


  • Spring semester 2017: Basic Statistics

PhD students

  • Gabriel Wallin
  • Co-supervisor for Jannika Lindvall

Completed PhD students:

  • Jonathan Wedman (PhD, 2017: Theory and validity evidence for a large-scale test for selection to higher education)
  • Inga Laukityte (PhD, 2017: Statistical Modeling in International Large-scale Assessments)
  • Kenny Bränberg (PhD, 2010: Observed score equating with covariates)
  • Co-supervisor: Valentina Sansivieri (PhD 2017: Item response theory equating with the non-equivalent groups with covariates design)
  • Co-supervisor: Björn Andersson (PhD, 2014: Contributions to Kernel equating)
  • Co-supervisor: Jenny Häggström (PhD, 2011: Selection of smoothing parameters with application in causal inference)
  • Co-supervisor: Anna Sundström (PhD, 2009: Developing and validating self-report instruments)
  • Co-supervisor: Per-Erik Lyrén (PhD, 2009: A perfect score: Validity arguments for college admission tests)

Selected recent publications:


Gonzalez, J. & Wiberg, M. (2017). Applying test equating methods – using R. Springer.

Laukaityte, I. & Wiberg, M. (2017). Using plausible values in secondary analysis in large–scale assessments. Communication in Statistics – Theory and Methods. In press.

Wiberg, M. & von Davier, A. A. (2017). Examining the impact of covariates on anchor tests to ascertain quality over time in a college admissions test. International Journal of Testing. 17, 105-126.

Ramsay, J. O. & Wiberg, M. (2016). A [0,n] Test Theory to Replace Sum Scoring. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, In press.

Andersson, B. & Wiberg, M. (2016). Item response theory observed-score kernel equating. Psychometrika. doi:10.1007/s11336-016-9528-7.

Gonzalez, J. Wiberg, M., & von Davier, A. (2016). A note on the Poisson’s binomial distribution in item response theory. Applied Psychological Measurement. 40(4), 302-310.

Wiberg, M. & Gonzalez, J. (2016). Statistical assessment of estimated transformations in observed-score equating, Journal of Educational Measurement, 53(1), 106-125.

Wiberg, M. (2016). Alternative linear IRT observed-score equating methods. Applied Psychological Measurement, 40(3), 180-199.

Wiberg, M. & Bränberg, K. (2015). Kernel equating under the non-equivalent groups with covariates design. Applied Psychological Measurement, 39(5), 349-361.

Häggström, J. & Wiberg, M. (2014). Optimal bandwidth in observed-score kernel equating. Journal of Educational Measurement, 51(2), 201-211.

Wiberg, M., van der Linden, W.J., & von Davier, A. (2014). Local kernel observed-score equating. Journal of Educational Measurement, 51(1), 57-74.

Andersson, B., Bränberg, K. & Wiberg, M. (2013). Performing the kernel method of test equating using the package kequate. Journal of Statistical Software, 55, 1-25.

Wiberg, M. (2012). Can a multidimensional test be evaluated with unidimensional item response theory? Educational Research and Evaluation, 18(4), 307-320.

Bränberg, K. & Wiberg, M. (2011). Observed score linear equating with covariates. Journal of Educational Measurement, 48(4), 419-440.

Wiberg, M. & van der Linden, W. J. (2011). Linear local observed-score equating. Journal of Educational Measurement, 48(3), 229-254.

Selected Applications

Wiberg, M. & Rolfsman, E. (2013). School effectiveness in Science in Sweden and Norway viewed from a TIMSS perspective. Utbildning och Demokrati, 22(3), 69-84.

Adolfsson, L., Benckert, S., & Wiberg, M. (2011). Gapet har minskat: skillnader mellan hög och lågpresterande flickors och pojkars attityder till biologi, fysik och kemi 1995 och 2007. NorDiNa (Nordic Studies in Science Education), 7(1), 3-16.

Carelli, G. Wiberg, B. & Wiberg, M. (2011). Development and construct validation of the Swedish Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory (S-ZTPI). European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 27(4), 220-227.

Wiberg, M. (2009). Teaching statistics in integration with psychology. Journal of Statistics Education. 17(1), Available at

Brief CV

Currently: Professor at the Department of Statistics, USBE, Umeå University.
2015- : Professor of Statistics with specialty in Psychometrics, USBE; Umeå University, Sweden.
2010-2015: Associate Professor at the Dept. of Statistics, USBE; Umeå University, Sweden.
2006-2010: Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Statistics, Umeå University, Sweden.
2006 (spring): Post doc at University of Twente, the Netherlands.
2005 (fall): Visiting scholar at McGill University, Canada
2004-2005: Lecturer at Dept. of Statistics, Umeå University, Sweden.
2003: PhD in Statistics, Umeå University, Sweden.




År sorteringsordning


Leôncio, Waldir
Wiberg, Marie

Evaluating equating transformations from different frameworks



Wiberg, Marie
Ramsay, James O.
Li, Juan

Optimal Scores as an Alternative to Sum Scores



Lindvall, Jannika
Helenius, Ola
Wiberg, Marie

Critical features of professional development programs: Comparing content focus and impact of two large-scale programs
Teaching and Teacher Education, 70: 121-131



Wallin, Gabriel
Häggström, Jenny
Wiberg, Marie

How to select the bandwidth in kernel equating — An evaluation of five different methods



Wiberg, Marie
Culpepper, Steven
Janssen, Rianne; et al.

Quantitative Psychology: The 82nd annual meeting of the psychometric society, Zurich, Switzerland, 2017



Laukaityte, Inga
Wiberg, Marie

Importance of sampling weights in multilevel modeling of international large-scale assessment data
Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, 47(20): 4991-5012



Wiberg, Marie

equateIRT Package in R
Measurement, 16(3): 195-202



Wiberg, Marie
Rolfsman, Ewa

Students’ mathematics and science achievements in TIMSS and in schools



Wallin, Gabriel
Wiberg, Marie

Nonequivalent groups with covariates design using propensity scores for kernel equating
Quantitative Psychology: 309-319



Sansivieri, Valentina
Wiberg, Marie

IRT observed-score equating with the non-equivalent groups with covariates design
Quantitative Psychology: 275-285



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