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Nationalekonomi har ca 250 studenter varje termin. Enheten har disputerade lärare som undervisar vid våra kurser och program samtidigt som de bedriver forskning inom bland annat arbetsmarknad, offentlig ekonomi, miljö- och naturresursekonomi och ekonometri. I undervisningen medverkar även forskare vid Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics (CERE).

Umeå Economic Studies

Aronsson, Thomas and Johansson-Stenman, Olof: Inequality Aversion and Marginal Income Taxation No. 939
Sjögren, Tomas: Consumption Norms with Endogenous Norm Beliefs – Implications for Welfare, Commodity Taxation and Income Redistribution No. 938
Raattamaa, Tomas: Essays on Delegated Search and Temporary Work Agencies No. 935
Sjögren, Tomas: Age Dependent Discount Rates, Time Inconsistent Behavior and Welfare Measurement No. 934
Aronsson, Thomas, Johansson-Stenman, Olof and Sjögren, Tomas: Social Comparisons and Optimal Taxation in a Small Open Economy No. 933
Heidrich, Stefanie: Essays on Intergenerational Income Mobility, Geographical Mobility, and Education No. 932
Sundström, David: On Specification and Inference in the Econometrics of Public Procurement No. 931
Heidrich, Stefanie: A study of the Missing Data Problem for Intergenerational Mobility using Simulations No. 930
Heidrich, Stefanie: The Effect of Moving during Childhood on Long Run Income: Evidence from Swedish Register Data No. 929
Sundström, David: A Comparison of Techniques to Evaluate Policies in Public Procurement No. 928


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