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Nationalekonomi har ca 250 studenter varje termin. Enheten har disputerade lärare som undervisar vid våra kurser och program samtidigt som de bedriver forskning inom bland annat arbetsmarknad, offentlig ekonomi, miljö- och naturresursekonomi och ekonometri. I undervisningen medverkar även forskare vid Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics (CERE).

Umeå Economic Studies

Aronsson, Thomas and Micheletto, Luca: Optimal Redistributive Income Taxation and Efficiency Wages No. 953
Granlund, David and Bergman, Mats A.: Price competition in pharmaceuticals – evidence from 1303 Swedish markets No. 952
Lanot, Gauthier and Vesterberg, Mattias: An empirical model of the decision to switch between electricity price contracts No. 951
Aronsson, Thomas and Sjögren, Tomas: Optimal Taxation, Redistribution, and Environmental Externalities No. 950
Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf: Stochastic Differential Equations and Stochastic Optimal Control for Economists: Learning by Exercising No. 949
Lundström, Christian: On the Returns of Trend-Following Trading Strategies No. 948
Sjögren, Tomas: Capital Taxation in a Fiscal Union – Implications of Simultaneous Horizontal and Decentralized Leadership No. 947
Sjögren, Tomas: Can a Marginally Distorted Labor Market Improve Capital Accumulation, Output and Welfare? No. 946
Aronsson, Thomas and Johansson-Stenman, Olof: Paternalism against Veblen: Optimal Taxation and Non-Respected Preferences for Social Comparisons No. 945
Aronsson, Thomas and Schöb, Ronnie: Habit Formation and the Pareto-Efficient Provision of Public Goods No. 944


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